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But there are still enough party passes availiable at the box-office Friday night. Learning salsa at 26 years young, Duane quickly excelled to be considered one of the top dancers and instructors of Afro-Cuban Salsa in the Midwest.

He loves to share his addiction of Cuban music and dance and to continuously seek out new information, resources, and music. Kati also volunteered her time and skills teaching dance to children and young women in impoverished communities throughout Central America, empowering them to use dance as a medium for expressing emotions, experiences, hopes and dreams. Miguel holds vocal and percussion duties in Timbashe, and the group is composed of former members of Yoruba Andabo. Includes four nites of dancing fun! We bonus casino links happy to anounce the next amazing artists: He has been dancing, performing, choreographing, and teaching Casino and Rueda for over fifteen years and has brought Casino and Rueda to thousands of people around the world. In California she taken on the responsibility to teach and cultivate Afro-Cuban culture by producing regular events and workshops that create a casino rueda congress that bridges dance and music across cultures.

Wir freuen uns, die achte Ausgabe vom ruedafestival Stuttgart präsentieren zu dürfen. Dafür haben wir wie immer eine Mischung aus neuen und bekannten. San Diego Cuban Dance Congress - Premier International Cuban Dance world class Casino (Cuban salsa), SON Cubano, Afro-Cuban, Rueda de Casino. The 10th Annual San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival is the Premier West Coast for all dance levels in Rueda, Salsa, Casino, Folklore, Rumba, Son and more.

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